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We committed on Delivering Super Quality work, on time, and at lowest prices and personal services is our main priority. Our full time staff and artists has combined experience of our 22year in all types of model making like Residencial models, commercial models,Town Planning models, and Shopping Malll models.

Architecture Design

SHAMSI MODLAR is a professional model studio committed to make quality architectural models. We build precise architectural models for a variety of clients. we offer all types, sizes and scales of Architectural Models, which are the most spectacular, effective and self-explanatory tool & models fits every strategy and serves you the best. 

Innovative Ways

Though our artistic talent and experience is a key element  in our ability to achieve outstanding, cost effective result, we also incorporate all the latest equipment and techniques    in our work. Our Laser cut facility & Modern gallery (4000 sq. feet) facility gives us plenty of rooms the  most ambitious projects...

"Be passionate about solving the problem, not proving your solution.”
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“Quality is more important than quantity. One home run is much better than two doubles.

Shamsi Modlar set a new standard in state-of-the –art scale model making. Whether you are  seeking fine scale craftsmanship, quality services on a tight budget or something in between, we can fill your needs. In short a three dimensional model you want or need – we can build…Any size ...Any scale… we are model making since 1996..

We pride our selves on delivering top quality work, on time, and at competitive prices and personal Services are our main priority approx. 500 models are delivered in all over Pakistan

We committed on delivering super quality work, on time, and at lowest prices and persona services is our main priority. 

We would be pleased to have opportunity to work with your Up-coming projects You may reach to us

Email: shamsimodelers@yahoo.com


“Developing a good work ethic is key. Apply yourself at whatever you do." 

Since 1996
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Today, first quality three dimensional model making

is truly a blend of art and science – a combination of cutting edge technologies and creative, artistic talent. We have Got the..


Our full time staff and artists has combined experience of our 22year in all types of model making like Residencial models,commercial models,Town Planning models, 

& Shopping Malll models


No model or miniature can be successfully created without well honor artistic talent a wealth of patience and ability to conceptualize abstract ideals.


The result. at Shamsi Modlar. We are able to offer a diverse range of model making services,because the combination of all skill and talents are equally applicable to the many markets we Focus on.

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We At SHAMSI MODLAR we offer 

a variety of advanced and finest

Quality of Three Dimensional Model

making services  that are truly blend

state-of-the-art Work: in fact, virtually

any type of model you can think of 

and all to the very highest standard

because we take pride in every job 

that leaves the workshop.


Lighting feature can add 100% extra 

value to a model, a specialized 

department is dedicated to achieve the

maximum potential of this feature. 

Qualified technicians utilize the latest

in technology to create the wide variety

of models produced here. Used to

highlight main design features and

elements,or to stress certain areas of a

model, the type and color of lighting is

carefully chosen to accomplish the

purpose of the model.


We based in a well organized detached

Studio that include work areas fully

equipped with a full suite of machine

and hand tools, and separate custom

built facilities several specialized hand

tools & routers to ensure high quality

production standards


Using Our world-class facilities include

state-of-the-art Laser Cutting Machines

& high tech engraving machines. 

our Laser With our in-house laser cutting

facilities We are able to reproduce 

extremely accurate Skill and talent in the

artistic aspects  of model making.

Laser cutting technology provides certain advantages that will convince to use in model making. It’s a precise process and requires less energy as compared to other cutting processes.SHAMSI MODLAR provides laser cutting system ensures to complete the projects quickly fast, efficient and flexible. we can handle both small and large-scale production. 


Using high quality paints and solvents, 

along with specialized painting tools and techniques, our skilled model painters add the required colors and textures toour models. Achieving the exact requiredfinishes by the architect, our models are guaranteed to reflect the magnificenceof the architectural design.


In Models are an excellent

Communication. A model 

can help people understand

a complex projects in minutes

or even seconds. We use Premium

Quality trees, cars, human figures,

and all model accessories which 

gives an added touch of originality

to the models. our specialists adding

 plantation, vehicles, human figures,

street furniture, and all types of

accessories, they signs off our 

signature touch on each mode

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